gear p0rn

I finally recovered from our group photo show at the food truck park the other weekend. The day was long, but an incredible experience. I sold out of small square prints. Plus – HUGE PLUS – I sold my first framed print to a non-friend. A huge milestone!  I am following up on some other business opportunities that arose from the show. The event was such a success we are already hard at work planning the next one. The future is exciting.

As for my exhibit, I dug through my archives and curated a series entitled “gear p0rn.” I’ve  always been fascinated by DJ hands; the flick of a fader, the twirl of a knob, the mood of the dance floor at the will of  twists and presses. Mixers and turntables and CD-J’s are some of the instruments of choice for these nightlife heroes, conjuring beats in the midnight hours and beyond.




Darrell Tenaglia


gear p0rn


C. Faith


I will be periodically adding photos more to the gallery here: gear p0rn


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